A windows sidebar gadget to display vital statistics through Envato API

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A windows sidebar gadget to display vital statistics through Envato API. After installing this gadget can display your current balance and the earnings in the current month:

Envital sidebar gadget

The sales graph shows a two-series chart. The bars show the earnings of past 12 months whereas the line graph shows the volume of sales (total sales) per month.

Envital sidebar gadget

This gadget also plays a notification sound when the balance changes (new sale)


Download the installer package

Double-click on the envital.gadget file to install. Note - You will need the sidebar running with atleast one gadget present. Read troubleshooting below for more details. The gadget installer is located in the bin folder.

NOTE: This gadget works on Windows 7 only (Windows Vista too, but who has it anyway?). Windows 8 users read below.


Click on the settings icon (next to the installed gadget), this will open a settings dialog. Enter your envato username and the api key in the settings and press ok.

compiling from the source

To compile on Windows you will need 7zip installed. If your installation path is different than the default path "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip" then please edit the build.bat file to put the correct path

building the gadget installer

First, clone this repository (or download the zip and unzip to a location on your machine)

> cd path-to-folder-where-this-repository-is-cloned
> build.bat

You can also double click the build.bat file

This will create a file named envital.gadget inside the bin folder. Just double click on the .gadget file to install

troubleshooting installation

Windows sidebar has an issue in installing gadgets if there is no gadget running on your machine. Do the following to fix it:

  1. Right-click on the desktop and from the context menu select 'gadgets'
  2. Double click to install any available gadget. example - clock or calendar

After this you should be able to install envital gadget

what about Windows 8

There are a few ways to run gadgets on Windows 8. I haven't actually tested it as I do not have Windows 8 and have no plans to have it any time soon. If you a developer working on Windows 8, why not fork this repository and create a Windows 8 tile for envital?